Spotless    Group

Virtual Home Staging Company In NYC

Spotless Group was founded in 2017 in New York City. Over the last three years, the Spotless Group's design team has grown to 40 people and has accomplished over 10,000 virtual staging projects for over 3,000 clients a year.

Currently, we created more than 5,000 proprietary interior items within 12 of the most popular design styles. Our architectural visualizers have professional education and are continually improving their skills in architectural consulting.

Our mission

Realize clients' dreams and be intermediaries between realtors and residents.


Why Spotless Group?


The digital staging looks realistic and can hardly be distinguished from high-resolution photos.


Our attractive pricing policy fits both real estate agents and individuals' budgets, starting from $71 per picture.

Taking into account any wishes

We listen to the wishes of our clients carefully and implement them as accurately as possible.

What are we doing?

For real estate agencies. We help to virtually stage photos for a quick and efficient sale. Virtual staging conveys the authentic atmosphere and the mood of the apartment and increases the probability of the full-price transaction by 78%.

For construction companies. We create photo-realistic images of real estate projects based on the plans and layouts; we make architectural visualization on actual location photos and virtually stage apartments.

For individuals. We visualize apartment renovations and fully furnish rooms with interior items. While contemplating purchasing a new piece of furniture or repainting walls, you can easily see the result beforehand.

The Spotless Group team takes pride in the quality of our work. To ensure the best results for our customers, we invite professional photographers to cooperate. High-quality photos help to reach the full apartment potential.