Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay? (What type of payments do you accept)

We can bill your companies directly, if being an official vendor. At other times, payments could be made via Credit Card, PayPal, wire transfer. We accept cheques as well.

What do I need to get started?

To do images that will fit your needs and taste, we usually require: - photos (to get the perfect results we use professionally made hi-res photos, they have to be named like bedroom, living, kitchen, etc.) - reference images or a style choice (you may select from our catalog) - floorplan (preferably).

Is it possible to do staging without a floor plan?

Yes, it is possible to complete the order without a floor plan. Existence of the drawing/plan allows to do more accurate staging based on specific measurements and space features. But if unavailable, it is still possible to stage listing accordingly.

How many revisions can I do with the staged photo?

The quantity of revisions depends on a pricing plan you choose (from 2 to 5 revisions) and they could only be made within the same interior style you choose.

Should photos be of a specific resolution/definition?

We don't ask for a particular image specifications, the higher the better. Ideally and mostly, we work with professionally made hi-res photos. This allows to get perfect end result.

What prices do you have?

To get proper project estimation - it is better to send us materials for review firstly. Our managers will estimate complexity and let you know final rate and timing. For more detailed information about our packages please visit our website