Floor Plan Visualization

If you are selling real estate at an early stage, while it is still under construction, architectural visualization is the perfect solution for a successful sale. Spotless Group team will design the premises based on the plan, taking into account all project features such as cardinal points, terrain, surroundings, etc. They also will stage all the areas according to your preferences. You can order the design in various styles to maximize the real estate potential and reach the heart of every client. All we need is a detailed floor plan, a location description, pictures of the interiors you like, and your personal wishes.


Why Spotless Group?


The digital staging looks realistic and can hardly be distinguished from high-resolution photos.


Our attractive pricing policy fits both real estate agents and individuals' budgets, starting from $71 per picture.

Taking into account any wishes

We listen to the wishes of our clients carefully and implement them as accurately as possible.


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About Floor Plan Visualization

Computer-generated imagery is actively used in interior design, construction, real estate, but only a small percentage of them looks realistic and features a high quality.

Spotless Group takes into account every client’s ideas and implements them in reality. Being a leading architecture rendering and floor plan visualization company, it transforms sketches into realistic 3D tours of the top-notch quality.

It has always been a problem for many people to visualize a home or an apartment looking at the floor plan. With floor plan visualizations, every customer can see a completed project with a perfect interior design. A qualified team of designers and architects from Spotless Group transforms simple sketches drawn on the basis of the floor plan into adorable staged photographs which look very realistic. We listen carefully to our clients’ preferences in the interior design and consider them working on every photo. With our talented team, every detail of your future home will take it place on the photo!